Vogue España | Courtney Trop

“How to wear wide jeans in 2019?

The answer is in Vogue España fifth instalment of the #7dìas7looks of @alwaysjudging.”

“It’s Friday in the 7 days / 7 looks of Courtney Trop and, far from putting on her best clothes, the fashion prescriber has chosen a look that represents very well the relaxed and festive atmosphere that usually breathe these days. The tight jeans have no place in the wardrobe of the protagonist of the week, hence she has chosen some baggy jeans from the London firm specializing in denim, I AND ME. Despite not wearing too many denim clothes, 90s inspiration pieces seem to be their favorite and, of course, oversize. They are what define tis masculine and eclectic style. To round out the noventera aesthetics, the prescriber has chosen one of the most fashionable accessories of the season: a fisherman hat signed by Prada purple color that completes very well the aesthetics of the decade. Rubber boots from the same firm -another ugly trend of recent months – and a vintage Chanel jersey with embroidered colored letters, complete the look that smells of nostalgia.”

“That style ‘grunge prairie girl’ that we talked about the first day has been reduced to a grunge to dry in this fifth installment and, as if to make it even more crystalline if possible, Courtney is wearing a shirt of the Nine Inch Nails group that superimposes the Chanel jersey generating one of the most classic combinations of those years: a giant short sleeve shirt over another more long-sleeved shirt. As it could not be less, the piece in question is vintage, which leads us to ask about the second-hand store where you have found the best purchases from your closet . In addition to the New Yorker What Goes Around Comes Around, Trop mentions another boutique that we would love to visit in the future: Pretty Box in the neighborhood of Le Marais in Paris . Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily-Rose Depp, Bella Hadid, Kanye West and Victoria’s Secret model, Devon Windsor, are among her celebrity clients. There must be a reason.”


Courtney wears the Japanese Selvedge Wide Leg Jeans in Desert Vintage.

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