‘To Die For’ – An Introduction

“We make very stimulating things unlike steel, or stone, or wood, the fabric catches the physicality of the wind, the sun, the works are refreshing and then they are quickly gone.” – Christo and Jeanne Claude


TO DIE FOR, the third collection from I AND ME interrogates the impermanence of the things we do and the ripples we leave behind.

Here one minute, gone the next, but felt forever, TO DIE FOR was born from militaria; specifically the functional details, silhouettes and fittings in key army wear. The collection interrogates the draw of utilitarianism in fashion and tows the line between a true utilitarian approach and contemporary design.

The work of land artists Christo and Jeanne Claude inspired us to explore the use of fabric in landscapes as a means of installation. As shelter and as camouflage. Moreover, as uniform. The collection embraces the methods employed in military wear to optimise every inch of fabric in the construction of garments, but moreover, the placement and execution of every feature. On first look you may not notice the details, but they are there, and each for a reason. The back seams, selvedge placement, layering, the fabrics and palette. Waxed green cotton, raw black ecru weft selvedge denim, nudes, greys and cinnamons inspired by legionnaires and desert storm.

Further, explorations into military ‘recreation’ apparel influenced our key ‘Downtime’ wardrobe staples, fresh updates from previous key I AND ME shapes. Off-duty casual wear and fatigues; the new stepped-hem essential T and back-seam essential T, the ‘TO DIE FOR’ long sleeve, the khaki button-through long sleeve and track pant co-ord. The new ‘Downtime’ hoodie and shorts. Lightweight, practical clothing made from natural materials.

In short, TO DIE FOR sees our work come full circle. Our third instalment, a rediscovering of what defines the work we do and the product we champion; fabric, function and form.

Top Image: Billy and Isabella wear the ‘TDF’ Striped Smock Hoody.

Bottom Image: Billy wears the ‘To Die For’ Waxed Brimmed Hat, Waxed Army Jacket, Long Sleeve T and Raw Black Selvedge Skinnys.

Isabelle wears the Waxed Army Jacket, ‘To Die For’ Long Sleeve T and Raw Black Selvedge Skinnys.