Seven Emerging Designers Leading Gender Neutral Fashion

After spending 10 years working in the fast fashion industry — including a gig as head buyer at Topshop — Jessica Gebhart broke away from this scene to start her own, environmentally-friendly collection of premium denim. Founded in 2015, I AND ME focuses on clothes that are simple and well constructed, with fabric and fit driving each collection. Get ready for utilitarian shapes, soft jersey fabrics and denim cut to perfection.

WHY GENDER-NEUTRAL? “We design garments to love forever; the ones you can always rely on to complete your outfit. This responsible way of shopping compliments our genderless mentality. We focus on the longevity in the design and quality of our clothes rather than gender.”—Jessica Gebhart

We spoke to Garmentory about gender netural design and why we believe it’s important to focus on quality above anything else.

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