PETRIe Inventory ‘Fight Club’

“Fight Club takes us back to a primordial understanding of power, proposing a visual recording of the direct, physical struggle between men, their bodies ready for the clash, their senses heightened, and their will enduring. Youth and masculinity are explored through a generous blend of detail, warmth, and honesty.

Toni Caroline and Matt Lein use their protagonists´ gaze as an instrument of meaning-making and introspection, as they enter a dialogue with the camera and the viewers. Looking and being looked at are expressions of power, archaic yet present around us today, defining our interconnected worlds: of fashion, of gender, of being.”

Freddie (top) wears our Navy Embroidered Tee, Rusted Blue Selvedge Jeans, and White Branded socks.

Freddie (bottom) wears our ‘One Thing Well’ Striped Merino Wide Leg Trousers.

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