ASOS ‘My Big Idea #70’

I AND ME Press_ @asoslive Podcast ‘My Big Idea #70 – How to launch your own fashion label’

“Young female fashion entrepreneur Jessica Gebhart, who left Topshop to start her own fashion label, talks to ASOS senior fashion editor Jemma Tibbals about building a brand, the decision to surpass fashion’s traditional seasonal trends and what she values above anything else in a pair of jeans.

Applying her background in denim buying at Topshop and styling experience from her time at fashion bible Dazed, Jessica started her own label in 2014. Based online, is home to denim, jersey and a small ceramics offering, all produced with an ethos of longevity and made to withstand the test of time. Jessica discusses the production process, where she looks for inspiration and how she uses social media – in particular Instagram, thanks to its focus on visual curation – to get her label out there. With a second London pop-up store on the horizon and the latest women’s and men’s collections dropping on 24 October, I and Me is a fashion label on the ascent.

Intrigued? Here’s Jessica’s big idea.”

Click here to listen in to the conversation.