Lil Miquela Does Pop

The world of pop culture moves at an alarming pace. We’ve seen IT ALL over the years; from manufactured groups, to cartoon bands, and now Baauer has teamed up with totally imaginary (but pretty convincing) CGI entity Lil Miquela on new track ‘Hate Me’.

We’re unsure of where it will stop (it won’t stop).

Don’t let the YouTube conspiracy theorists tell you otherwise, Lil Miquela definitely doesn’t exist, even though we kinda wish she did. She isn’t real, she was made on a computer and lives on Instagram.

Thing is, with a cool 1.3 million IG followers and huge billboards with her face strewn across Times Square, she sort of does exist, no?

In case you guys were still unaware of the fact that the World Wide Web will never stop running wild, ‘Hate Me’ should certainly go some lengths to confirming this. Described as the world’s first ‘computer generated Instagram influencer’, Lil Miquela is as just about as 2018 as 2018 gets.

(At least there was someone inside Mr Blobby’s suit when he walked away with the Christmas #1 spot back in 1993).