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‘I AND ME – The new London label making clothes for him, her and you…”

“The gender neutral movement in fashion, from Gucci’s pussy bow blouses to forerunner collections from Rick Owens, has roots in glam rock, grunge and Japan, where designers in the 80s also cared little for gender rules. In 1983 Yohji Yamamoto told The New York Times; “When I started designing, I wanted to make men’s clothes for women. But there were no buyers. Now there are. I always wonder who decided that there should be a difference in the clothes of men and women. Perhaps men have decided this.” In a nice piece of serendipity it was a trip to Japan that shaped I AND ME’s work.

But it wasn’t the fashion there that struck Jess (although her silhouettes looks distinctly Japanese). On honeymoon last autumn Jess became obsessed with the work of self-taught architect Tadao Ando, known for his masterful minimalist spaces. “This,” she points to the grey pinstripe set she’s wearing, “was inspired by his concrete and the indigo dyes we use in the denim represents the shadows his work creates.”

Many thanks to @i-donline for sharing the vision. Click here to read in full.