I AND ME x @_ipsa

We partnered with Graphic Designer @_ipsa on a digital collage inspired by our latest collection ‘Twice As Nice.’

See the full artwork and read the interview with @_ipsa below.

Describe your work in a short few sentences.

A collated mood board of lots of found imagery and sometimes of my own that I think resonate with my own personal style. To anything from fashion, design, photography and art.

What do you endeavour to highlight and celebrate in your work?

My work has strong focus on fashion and trends. I like to explore the works of new and upcoming designers who steer away from traditional fashion and tend to be more experimental and classic fashion houses, especially the ones who have taken a new and exciting direction. I also really admire photography and the creative direction that come together to produce such interesting photos, this is a big one for me in terms of sourcing photos that I think have an amazing visual narrative.

Where do you work? Who else works around you?

It’s never the same place! It really is mood dependant… it could be at home, a cafe (I like to switch this up too), a design studio or a library.

I always like to have at least one friend working alongside me for someone to go to for an opinion on whatever it is I’m working on… and also just for their company!

What’s your go-to publication – old and new to source imagery / inspiration from?

It would be too hard to narrow this down to just to one! 

Any of the publications under Dazed and i-D.

To get specific it would be the editorial photos from the publications at Dazed and the covers at i-D from decades ago to now. 

There are also some other brilliant publications whose work I also source inspiration from such as Tank Magazine and Messy. 

Not quite a publication but it would also be worth mentioning ‘IDEA’. A bookstore at Dover Street Market but who also publish a lot on Instagram. They hold an archive of some of the best books based on fashion, art and musicians that provide amazing images as a great source of inspiration.

How much does life in London influence the work you create?

Hugely. Your’e constantly surrounded by such diverse people and places and that definitely plays a part in the way you think and create. There is always so much going on that you are never short on finding somewhere or someone for inspiration. 

What elements of the I AND ME ‘Twice As Nice’ collection and art direction interested you the most and how did that influence the process and references that you used for the collages?

The photos taken for the ’Twice As Nice’ collection were cleverly and beautifully constructed, these were the first visuals that really gave me a sense of the vibe I AND ME were going for and it was exciting to see a shared taste of aesthetics between myself and I AND ME. To be honest it was hard to chose a select few photos to include in the collage. The photos where pieces were worn by both female and male were probably my favourite as they highlighted the key concept of the ‘Twice as Nice’ collection and sparked a sense of nostalgia in they way they were photographed and in terms of youthfulness and classic denim pieces. To tie this in with respect to the collage it made sense to collate a piece of work that used reference of nostalgic imagery. The collage hopes to bring back memories of past pop culture and fashions and I think the pieces and photos from ‘Twice as Nice’ work well with the collage in showing off this collection from a different perspective. 

What is your favourite album of 2019?

Thats a hard question! I genuinely don’t tend to like an entire album but instead a couple of songs from an album but if I had to chose one it would be Loyle Carner’s Not Waving, But Drowning.

What’s next for Ipsa?

Continuing to create! As it stands, my love for fashion and design is where it’s at, so let’s see where it takes me…