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“Hailing from East London, UK, I AND ME make short-run denim garments that emphasize quality and design alongside the reduction of water, chemical, and electrical use in production. Their collections are small love poems to the present moment, aesthetic statements that bring wearability, durability, interest, and grace into cohesive pieces made to wear for life. Each line is sustainably made, with cuts and profiles that blend and blur gender binaries and focus on the natural beauties of the human body, fabric, and colours.”

Your collections are like wearable exhibitions, or short theses on fashion and art. What’s going through your mind when you’re putting a collection together? Are you always looking to strike a fine point between wearability day-to-day and a more elite sense of aesthetic for your garments? 

“Thank you, that’s quite the compliment! 

When I am starting to work on the development of a new collection it will have a general feel or mood in terms of an aesthetic that has inspired me, very often this comes from travelling, art, culture. I then start sourcing fabrics and a colour palette around this that informs the final design. It’s always very driven by the fabrics and colours, this is what excites me the most. The creative direction for a collection then starts making sense, it all becomes about the aesthetics of the whole mood. This is all about the story telling.”

we caught up with The Earth Issue in the last of the Summer sunshine to chat investment pieces, wearability and why we work in collections, not seasons.

You can read the full interview via The Earth Issue here.

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