Hype Williams Return

“any Hype Williams releases you’ve since heard are FAKE. Bare Paigons. Like Cappadonna making his own Wu.”

As you can probably tell from the numerous times we’ve featured Dean Blunt’s work on our journal, we’re huge fans of his work and the many monikers he operates under. In a day and age where true mastery is in the fluidity of one’s work, Dean Blunt’s bamboozling ’smoke and mirrors’ approach to musical reveals is arguably as refreshing as you will find anywhere.

(The music is always stunning too).

Out of the blue, Hype Williams are officially back (we think) with brand new album plans. Neither Dean Blunt nor Inga Copeland are involved any longer, they haven’t been involved for a few years and yet the baton has now (officially) been passed to a new band of unnamed musicians…

We’re confused, which also means we’re hooked. The new album ‘Rainbow Edition’ drops next month on Big Dada.

Listen in to the non-album single ‘Kathy Goes 2 Haiti’ above. Learn more here.

The tracklist is as follows:

01. ‘Madting’
02. ‘Loud Challenge’
03. ‘The Whole Lay’
04. ‘Baby Blu’
05. ‘Smokebox’
06. ‘Rumor Report’
07. ‘Puredamage’
08. ‘Leimert’
09. ‘#Blackcardsmatter’
10. ‘Sadting’
11. ‘Ask Yee’
12. ‘This Is Mister Bigg. How You Doing Mister Bigg’
13. ‘The Den’
14. ‘Cockblocker Blues’
15. ‘Sweet Chin Musik’
16. ‘Pretty Young Ting’
17. ‘Percy’
18. ‘Spinderella’s Dream ‘
19. ‘Situations’
20. ‘Kandy’