‘Good Things Go With Good Things’

‘Good Things Go With Good Things’

“The spoons and knives and bowls and chairs, not to mention all the artwork, are still where Don intended them to be…”

‘Las Casas’ was named after one of Donald Judd’s many desert retreats, ‘Las Casas’ being the home he planned to see out the final years of his life. We began planning a trip to the desert after reading an interview with Judd’s two children in Apartmento Magazine; we were keen to learn more about not just the otherworldly nature of the American South West, but also the way in which Judd embraced the desert to aid his work and how he appropriated space / acquired the space in which to do so.

And margaritas, we wanted margaritas.

“Part of the reason it’s such a gem is because Don was planning to grow old there…”

We were struck by the attention to detail that Judd applied throughout his career to near clinical levels. His obsession with space (and objects within space), but moreover, the startlingly high levels of attention to detail in his art and design work were features that ran throughout the forming of the new collection.

Judd was a perfectionist, and a collector, and the combination of the two makes for hugely inspiring spaces. As the title of this journal post alludes to… “good things go with good things’.

After so many years of curating a spectrum of creative spaces Judd settled at ‘Las Casas’. He considered every corner, filled it with treasured objects, and fully embraced it as ‘home’.

“Don liked things that he liked and he liked a good house, a beautiful structure, a beautiful bowl. This all went together for him—the art, the furniture, the objects: it was all one. There were no criteria regarding origin, date, or anything else, only that it be good … All things that are good go with what is good; don’t make it more complicated.” – Flavin Judd

The following questions formed the ‘Las Casas’ story. With a keen eye on detail, from fabric to function to form, ‘Las Casas’ is our homage to living and working in the desert and the mantra that ‘good things go with good things’.

Where you are.

Where you are going to be.

Where you spend time.

Where you create.

Home, work and in-between.

What you need.

Where you need it.

Why you need it.

Photography by Ryan Lowry