Some see them as part of the gradual degradation of the English language, whereas others see them as part of a natural progression towards a brighter future. Whichever way you look at them, emojis have changed the way we communicate with one another…

Make no mistake, I AND ME loves them. We love all of them, and this is why we were particularly excited to learn that Oxford Dictionaries announced that their ‘Word of the Year’ 2015 isn’t even a word at all. No, the ‘Word of the Year’ is in fact the laughing emoji with the two big tears that so frequently peppers the SMS’s / Instagram posts and What’s App chats that we find ourselves so often immersed.

Why? Well, apparently the ‘Tears of Joy’ emoji is the most popular of all the emojis and seeing as emojis are now just as important (if not more important) as words it makes perfect sense to crown the king of the emoji world the best word of the year.