Björk’s returns with ‘The Gate’

“God exists. Her name is Björk”

Clocking in at a cool 06:49, Bjork’s latest video was never going to be accompanied by a regular run-of-the-mill visual. Dip into any epoch of her illustrious career (spanning the past four decades) and you’ll be greeted by something sensational to look at / listen to…

As a purveyor of only the most cutting edge music and movie making techniques, from her days as lead lady in The Sugarcubes to the kaleidoscopic visionary that we know and love today, brand new Bjork is ALWAYS welcome and ‘The Gate’ is no exception. Both a rich tapestry of sonics and visuals; far, far less heartbroken than her previous album ‘Vulnicura’, we find Bjork 2k17 dancing in space with a gaggle of dancing CGI entities.

The accompanying video and collaboration between director Andrew Thomas Huang, embroiderer James Merry and Gucci’s Alessandro Michele was  screened in time for London Fashion Week. Be sure to watch above.

Björk’s new album is set for release on September 18th.