Ballad Of Feature

Your AW collection is inspired by a trip to Japan – what did you find there that inspired you and how have you translated it into the designs?

“I’d travelled to Tokyo and Osaka previously on an inspiration trip but having the chance to go back as a tourist and really soak up the whole country for a full month was a dream.I was totally overwhelmed by the whole experience. Every single thing about Japan gets me excited and what really stuck was the architecture. The Benesse Art Site on the island of Naoshima and, more importantly, The Lee Ufan museum by architect Tadao Ando stole my heart. The texture, palette, the light, all inspired the fabric and silhouettes of the new collection ‘One Thing Well.”

Many thanks to Ballad Of Magazine for featuring I AND ME’s new collection alongside a heart Q&A over on their site. Click here to read further.