Interview w/ SALT Textiles

Ahead of our first studio workshop in collaboration with SALT Textiles, founder Jordan asked I AND ME Creative Director Jessica about objects she loves, bathing rituals and places she finds inspiring.

SALT – Describe your creative practice.

I started working on the concept of the brand five years ago after feeling really frustrated with what I was experiencing as a Buyer at a leading high street brand. The fast turnover of styles and throw away culture was something I felt really needed to change. I was witnessing a lack of respect for the whole process; from the early developmental stages all the way through to the garment manufacturing and the selling in stores. The amount of people, materials and environmental resources that are used to create one style demand more respect.

My husband and I launched the brand nearly four years ago with one main mission; to educate customers with a ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’ ethos. I AND ME doesn’t conform to the usual seasonal fashion calendar, instead we work on a seasonless model allowing the collections to move at their own pace. We source high quality fabrics from premium mills who often use very traditional techniques as well as partnering with manufactures who are investing in technologies to reduce water, electric and chemical consumptions. We produce in small runs to reduce our wastage and never use hard mark downs on the stock because we respect the garment and it’s worth.

SALT – List three objects that inspire you.

I love colour, texture and organic shapes so I am always drawn to old, naturally dyed textiles and organic objects as inspiration. I collect vintage denim and textiles, shells and wooden objects which fill my home and studio. My favourites at the moment are:

The blue shell I bought from a shop in Tucson in Arizona. I LOVE the colour, scale and shape of it. I have never seen another shell like it.

I found in the indigo painters jacket in Osaka, Japan. It wasn’t cheap but it is my most valued piece of clothing. The deep indigo colour is so beautiful, every time I see it I fall more in love with it. The colouration and fades change with every wear and there is a nice natural coated sheen to it now. I would love to know who owned it before me.

And my vintage indigo boro quilt that I found at a flea market in Tokyo. It’s so beautiful and tells so many stories. We have it on our bed and I just love it.

To read the full interview head over to the SALT Textiles site and keep an eye out for our 2020 workshop schedule coming soon!