Reykjavik, Iceland

I AND ME Inspo_ Reykjavik, Iceland

We went hunting for inspiration in Reykjavik and found that travelling somewhere completely new, totally alone, and getting lost, is one of the best ways of finding yourself.

It’s strange because we knew the city would be surrounded by eye-wateringly beautiful nature; glaciers, lagoons, waterfalls, whales, puffins, you name it, and yet, we felt no real need to leave the city. One day, we walked as far along the seafront as we could to shake a hangover, we literally walked until we’d got to the furthest yellow watchtower at the edge of the North Atlantic ocean before being magnetically pulled back towards the city.

Icelanders are amazing people. One night, we ended up at a death metal gig where the lead guitarist was also a member of the state senate.

The sea air cured our hangover.