YT122 – Jamie XX ‘In Colours’

When we first learnt of the official drop date (June 01) for Jamie XX’s debut solo release ‘In Colours’ we had beautiful thoughts of summertime sunshine creeping through our windowpane and yet, right now with three days to go it’s raining outside, a lot. We just lent someone our umbrella and they haven’t yet returned so we intend to sit here and get knee deep into the record in the hope that it clears the rain & transports us to a sunnier place…

Make no mistake, ‘In Colours’ is a huge release. Think how happy Jamie XX must be to be freed from Those XX shackles for once! We actually find it surprising how many people fail to recognise just how significant his contribution to the state of left field music in the UK today has been, and yet, the buzz surrounding his impending solo record is STILL palpable. Put it this way, it seems as if the people who like his music are excited, whereas, the people who appreciate just how deeply engrained his influence has been are REALLY EXCITED (and for good reason).


Jamie XX has only ever played it cool which certainly helps, he let’s his music do the talking and no more so than when he revealed ‘In Colours’ in full over on iTunes this week, all casual like. Moreover, the LP has been given the full ‘visual’ treatment offering up a sensorial acid trip for fans and megafans alike.


Don’t just take our word for it, ‘In Colours’ really is a must watch / listen / right / away. You can wait until the big June 01 drop -or- you can click here to tap in to the LSD adventure we are currently immersing ourselves in. Join us as we reminisce about the rave references on display; the Everything But The Girls, the Slammin’ Vinyl tape packs, trust us, it’s all in there…