When You Have The Entire Internet At Your Fingertips

It’s a strange yet frequent phenomenon. Hands claw-like, frozen above a laptop keyboard, gripped by the total limitlessness on offer. What do you go for? Which key words do you punch in? What on earth are you going to listen to?

From experience, this phenomena occurs most commonly at house parties (but it happens frequently throughout the day) – when YouTube cyphers dictate the music getting played out. Everyone wants their turn to play that next banger, they’re literally queuing up jostling for position, and yet, when it comes to the crunch and the party is yours, nothing, blankness, silence, booing…

Long story short, it is often hard to choose something to listen to when there are NO LIMITS to what you can pick. And don’t forget the variants as well, it’s all there on the web; you don’t just have the choice of say ‘Heart Shaped Box’ by Nirvana (the official vid with the little blonde girl and the weird poppy fields); you can watch multiple live renditions, covers, interpretive dance versions, tribute videos, you name it, it’s all there but one click away.

With guest mixes, soundcloud downloads, bandcamp mixtapes, YouTube channels, Spotify radio, essential mixes & Dropcard URLs doing nothing to Streamline the general ‘clogging up’ of the already impossible selection process, we figured it would be wise to compile a list of things that we ALWAYS draw for when paralysis strikes. Simply stick any of the below into YouTube to catch a vibe. Enjoy…


Gravenhurst ‘Nicole’
Daniel Avery ‘Drone Logic’
Rich Gang ‘Lifestyle’
Band of Horses ‘Cease To Begin’
Coldplay ‘Parachutes’
Edward Scissortongue ‘Same In The Dark’
Jeff Goldbloom ‘Trap Remix’
Mario ‘Let Me Love You’
Active Child ‘U R all I see’
Gucci Mane ‘Get Lost’