Tirzah ‘Devotion’

“I’ve learnt peace and love from you, Taz,” Mica says. “That’s what you radiate.” Tirzah seems a little taken aback: “Aw, mate… I mean, likewise! That’s friendship, isn’t it?” – i-D Magazine

Singer / producer combo Tirzah and Mica Levi come together on ‘Devotion’, an album so brilliantly executed that it may well be our favourite record of the year.

The pair have been best friends for fifteen years and you can hear it in the music.

Themes of love and loss act as a backbone throughout, however the genius is in the discord between the sonics and ANY form of traditional balladry. This disconnect REALLY speaks to us, like deep, deep down. Why? Well, because real life love is one hell of a confusing game and ‘Devotion’ sounds how love feels.

Repetition in both the lyrics and the instrumentals keep the album fresh throughout; there are no unnecessary trimmings, no unnecessary bridges, no overproduction, just the one (looping) guest feature and between Mica Levi’s unique ear for sound and Tirzah’s unassuming yet dreamlike vocals / lyrics floating between and on top, everything is in its right place.

The formula seems so simple yet speaks VOLUMES. Take the first verse from the title track as an example…


I just want your attention
I just want you to listen
I don’t want the solution
I just want to explain things
I’m not looking for reactions
I’m not looking for acceptance
You can come to me with honesty
You can come to me with tenderness