The Deep V Jacket

So the weather is all over the shop; from sunny to torrential in the blink of an eye, from saharan to TOTALLY SOAKED in the time it takes to get between A-to-B.

It always changes between A-to-B!

The start of the week saw the longest day of the year, the first day of Summer no less, which is just hilarious due to the sheer number of raindrops that hit the UK all day. Tens of trillions, no, tens of Quadrillions probably; completely unrelenting, and yet, by 6PM the sun was shining and Summer was back on (until sun fall at least).

As a fully fledged Summer jacket, as a dress, or as a go-to layer when the storm strikes, our Deep V Jacket is perfect for the ‘Off Season’ settings. It can be worn alone, belted at the waist when the sun is in it for the long haul, or as a second or third layer on the long walk home.

This slim fit lightweight jacket comes in an 100% indigo Polyamide fabric and was made just down the street from our East London studio.

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