Tame Impala ‘Cause I’m A Man’

We are suckers for a brooding ballad, moreover, we love puppets (and liquid light shows for that matter) which makes Tame Impala’s latest outing a complete win win in our books. Watching the fuzzy felt version of the Tame Impala line-up perform their own special version of instant classic ‘Cause I’m A Man’ adds levels of extra curricular dreaminess to a track already so dreamy that it begins to teeter on the edges of real brilliance.

Make no mistake, Tame Impala are up there with the most captivating psychedelic outfits we get down with, they have blazed colourful trails throughout their career and we REALLY like them in human form, it’s just, as we mentioned before, we REALLY like puppets (and liquid light shows).

‘Cause I’m A Man’ is the lead single lifted from Tame Impala’s hotly anticipated third LP ‘Currents’ which is scheduled for a July 17 release.

Cue a colourful Summer from the band and fans of the band.