Peder ‘Daylight’

We watched The Wolfpack yesterday. Have you seen it?

Following the plight of six brothers locked inside a Manhattan apartment for the vast majority of their childhoods, the documentary centres around the ways in which the brothers gathered their own unique perspective of the world by sourcing inspiration from the movies drip-fed to them (by their father) in order to keep them indoors.

Such an eccentric upbringing led to moment after moment of real brilliance during the film. None more impressive than the brothers epic ‘recreations’ of their favourite Hollywood blockbusters within the confines of their flat, but moreover, when they eventually broke free to make their very first soirees across NYC as a ‘pack’ (suited & booted cruising the streets, swimming in the sea at Coney Island, visiting an actual cinema for the very first time to name but a few)…

After a mid-film shazam, we learnt that ’Daylight’ by danish producer Peder is not only the most cinematic song included on the OST, it is also the most poignant.