Isle Of Dogs – The Exhibition

It’s a weird and wonderful position to be so invested in a movie that you feel compelled to visit an exhibition celebrating its triumphs before having even visited the local multiplex to watch the film itself. We still don’t know whether Wes Anderson’s latest stop motion movie ‘Isle Of Dogs’ is actually any good, we’ve heard some good things, it is testament to his ability to create compelling other worlds (and loveable, miniature, furry protagonists) that the exhibition commanded queues around the block a full week before the films UK release date.

One thing never in question are the sensational levels of craftsmanship that go into Anderson’s movies. Isle Of Dogs is clearly no exception. The sets (and models) that make the film so unique were on display at london’s 180 The Strand last week and with a life-size ramen (and saki) bar added for good measure, well, let’s just say that we are more excited to see the actual film than we were before.

‘Isle Of Dogs’ is out now.