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We spoke with Joel Muggleton of Listen Studio about the series of lifestyle pieces he designed for the new collection ‘ONE THING WELL’.

Inspired by architect Tadao Ando’s signature use of concrete, Joel began experimenting with shapes and moulds before revealing our 3-piece Lifestyle series; a long stem resin cast vessel, a resin cast pot and a resin cast plinth which we couldn’t be happier with.

Tell us a little more about the development your ideas_

Jessica came to me with ideas about concrete tableware and vessels that referenced minimalist architecture. We settled on 3 forms that would function in different ways, a bowl, a plinth and a vase. Instead of concrete I suggested a resin that I had employed for similar production before as I thought it could mimic the look of the concrete but with greater overall effect.

How did you develop the moulds that ended up creating the final pieces?_

The moulds were made by creating a single ‘positive’ form by building up and playing with geometric shapes in my studio. When I has happy with the three forms I made a silicon mould for each allowing us to cast multiples in the resin afterwards.

What do you feel makes the vessels so special / visually pleasing?_

I am pleased with the way the vessels operate both as a group and individually. Outside of these formal properties each piece will work to present other items; flowers in the vase or small items in the bowls. I enjoy the idea of these pieces entering the world and going in to use.

To what extent did Ando’s work influence your process?_

Ando’s work was one of the original references we discussed and there was an immediate understanding of how his rigorous pairing back of structure could translate in to the language of these vessels, opting for simple un-compromised forms over the highly detailed or ornate.

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