I AND ME x Cécile Gariépy on PETRie Inventory

“With the occasion, I AND ME have invited illustrator Cecilé Gariépy to reflect on and interpret the collection. One might find a paradox at work in looking at once at the I AND ME creations and Cecilé´s illustrations: whereas one proposes a type of visual and sartorial stoicism, reflected in sombre colours and uncompromising cuts, the other delves into more serene moods, with softer tones and vibrant settings. The artist herself sees this approach as emanating from a “side of love,” a place of creative disposition that seeks truth beyond any restraints of shape and colour, and integrates the paradox into a larger, more complex form of affection.”


We teamed up with Montreal based illustrator Cécile Gariépy on a series of illustrations inspired by the new I AND ME collection ‘To Die For’. The collaboration recently premiered over on PETRie Inventory with a full interview exploring the collaboration.

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