Hype Williams ‘** guccistreams 2’ + ‘Chalice’

Hype Williams ‘** guccistreams 2’ + ‘Chalice’

“They only give you flowers when you can’t smell em. Well imma give you trees when you can inhale em”

Enigmatic duo Hype Williams have never done things by the book. We’re not even sure if original pair Dean Blunt and / or Inga Copeland are even responsible for the music anymore (we like the idea that they are, but then again we quite like the idea that they’re not). Instead of one new release, two dropped in two days, both hosted on The Internet Archive website.

While both releases are clear extensions of their trademark musings, we still find ourselves confused as we play the following “is it still them or their pals?” guessing game.

Don’t get us wrong, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Listen in to ‘** guccistreams 2′ here and ‘Chalice’ here.

Our personal fave – ‘Dream City’ on Chalice.