‘Frank Ocean Is Finally Free, Mystery Intact’

“Control is often at the forefront of Mr. Ocean’s mind. When he was on tour, his concerts would be recorded each night, and he would watch the tape, type up notes and email them to his team to prepare for a morning meeting. When “Blonde” and “Endless” were being recorded, he carried the hard drives with his music in his backpack, and the backups, too: “I’d rather the plane goes down in flames and the drives go down with me than somebody put out a weird posthumous release.” When he answers questions, he takes meaningful pauses, mulling over premises, before answering in expansive stories paired with precise bursts of logic.”

Hands down the most revealing and eye-opening feature that we’ve ever read on the ever-enigmatic Frank Ocean. How he went about self-releasing ‘Blonde’ is nothing short of genius.

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