#IANDMEbts – Denim Focus

Our Unique Denim Colours

I AND ME collaborates with authentic, passionate mills and manufacturers to ensure that our product is of the highest quality, benefiting from traditional techniques that produce timeless results. We spend a lot of time sourcing the right specialised fabrics, with unique I AND ME attributes and incredible background stories. 

The 13oz, 3 x 1 denim twill produced for the ‘Off SeasonRusted Blue and Vintage Selvedge Slim Leg Jeans and the new ‘To Die ForRaw Black Ridged Skinny and Drill Pant pieces are both specialised and unique.

The denim warp yarn is made by one of the most famous spinners in Japan, Taishobo, established in 1918. The cotton yarn is made in Juarez, Chihuahua state, Mexico and is blended with waste cottons to make that beautiful natural slub of the vintage look we love.

The fabric is then dyed by the oldest dyeing mill in history, Sakamoto Denim. Sakamoto championed the old Indigo Hank Dyeing method for over 120 years. After the economic growth following WWII they adopted Rope Dyeing Machines and have a variety of dyeing colours, from Indigo to older, Japanese colours.

The unique Rusted Blue and Vintage green cast colour is called ‘Aisabi’ which originates from the Edo Period, Japan (1603 – 1868).

The jet black colour of the warp on the Black denim is sometimes called ‘Sakamoto Black’ which deep intense colour is hard to find at other mills.

Shinya, established in 1951, then weaves these fabrics on old denim shuttle looms to produce the high quality, genuine Selvedge fabric.