‘AS DAYDREAMS GO’ by Brother Film

We collaborated with South London based production company Brother Film on a film exploring the new collection ‘AS DAYDREAMS GO.’

Marcus Ellingham, one of the three brothers who founded Brother Film Co chatted to us about how they achieved the ‘dreamlike’ look in the video and the creative freedom this collaboration allowed.

“As soon as we saw the name of the collection, ‘As Daydreams Go’, the look and feel for the videos came easily.

We wanted to create a woozy, hazy, dreamlike quality to the films that befitted the collection’s theme, but that also worked well alongside George Muncey’s (amazing) stills.”

“To achieve this, we decided to use three different cameras, working quickly to capture each look with all three. The main rig was a RED Gemini with an Angenieux Optimo zoom lens, mounted on a tripod. This captured long, slow zooms of each look, as well as completely static shots.

The woozy, dreamy cuts that punctuate these longer shots were captured with the other two setups: a handheld Sony FS7 set to a really slow shutter speed, and a tiny Panasonic MiniDV tape camcorder that we got off eBay.

These shaky, grainy textures worked nicely against the calm, clean RED shots.”

“Collaborating with I AND ME was great – we loved the creative freedom it offered compared with some of our more commercial work, as well as the challenge of pairing a particular creative with the collection’s themes.

Our favourite product had to be the new Baggy Jeans – I may or may not be wearing some right now. There are some checked and striped pieces that worked really well against the stark concrete floors and walls too, I think they’re dropping sometime soon…”

You can shop the new denim collection ‘As Daydreams Go’ online and in-stores now.