Gregory Crewdson ‘Cathedral Of The Pines’

“During the winter months, I cross-country ski in the woods, and deep in the forest one day, I come across this little path. When I read the sign, I almost passed out! It was called The Cathedral of the Pines.”

We swooped in to see Gregory Crewdson’s latest offering ‘Cathedral Of The Pines’ at The Photographer’s Gallery in London last week, and with just THREE days left before the show ends, we suggest you do the same ASAP.

We’ve been admirers of Crewdson’s Hollywood-scale photography for a long time but up until ‘Cathedral Of The Pines’ we’d never seen any of his work in the flesh. His first show in five years, Crewdson describes the series as his “most personal” work to date, and with at least one isolated figure, couple or group (all friends and family) acting out his hyper real fantasies in each and every image throughout the show, you can see why.

The images are so detailed and so sorrowful, they hit you right in the gut, but as always, Crewdson’s mastery of the BIG picture is felt most prominently in the details. As you get closer and closer to any of the images, in an attempt to look beyond the scene and get to grips with the tactility of what you’re looking at, it feels impossible to escape the narrative which just grows more and more detailed and more and more dense.

‘Cathedral Of The Pines’ is on at The Photographer’s Gallery until the end of this weekend coming (October 08).

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